Better East Texas: Police Officers' Union response to National Anthem kneelers

(KLTV) - The protesting display of kneeling during the National Anthem prior to NFL games is still being played through several players and teams this season. You will remember that Forty-Niners quarterback Collin Kaepernick started the display to protest police brutality and racial oppression. Since then other players have participated in like form during the pre-game ceremonies.

Now, law enforcement in at least one city is taking a stand, so to speak. The Cleveland Police Officers Union has decided not to hold the giant field-sized flag during the Cleveland Browns season opener on Sunday.  The union is protesting the protestors – a dozen or so Cleveland players - who kneeled during the anthem prior to a recent preseason game.  An official with the team said she was proud of the players for their action. The officers were scheduled to participate but the union, representing officers and other first responders, has since pulled out of the planned flag display.

You can see why they would pull out – it is their right to participate or not – and the protestors have a right to do what they do. I would argue that the players that kneel are misplacing passion for a cause by disrespecting the symbols and people that fought to give them the right to protest. But the police officers, by their pulling out, are elevating the player-protestors.

Perhaps it is better to ignore them, keep them off camera, and let them protest.   In a year of this type of displays, no meaningful outcomes have appeared, largely because the protests are without the message of a solution.

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