Proud of East Texas: Sarah Wilson

Proud of East Texas: Sarah Wilson

VAN ZANDT COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Sarah Wilson's brother, Garvin, and sister Andrea are almost as excited as their little sister, the "Billboard Baby" about her New York debut.

Sarah's photo's have been chosen by the National Down Syndrome Association to be featured on the Times Square's giant Jumbotron, Sept. 16.

Tagged the "Billboard Baby" since her selection, Sarah's photo will fill the huge screen that morning at 10 a.m. Eastern time, followed by the Down Syndrome Buddy Walk.

"They're showing all the photographs that day and after that, they're going to go to Central Park and that's where they're going to do the Buddy Walk.

Sarah's parents, Angela and Andrew Wilson, had chosen not to have Down Syndrome testing before Sarah's birth and were surprised that she was born with Down.

They were warned that Sarah might have medical complications, so they took her to Medical City Children's Hospital in Dallas to be checked out.

Two holes were found in Sarah's heart but the Wilsons were told they could go home and think about surgery later.

"She had pneumonia twice the first year and we ended up taking her to Houston to Children's in South Texas and they're supposed to be number two in this heart surgery that she needed. They are now number one."

Sarah had the needed heart surgery when she was 14-months-old.

"She was a real trooper, amazing and she was discharged four days later after the surgery."

Sarah has thrived ever since, and her dad says although he had more reservations than Angela about what the future held for his little girl, she's been 'a real ray of sunshine."

"You come home and she's ready to throw herself in your lap. She's joyful and she's dancing and singing."

Angela says she's sad to report that nine out of ten pregnancies are aborted after Down Syndrome diagnosis. But she thinks that's because of a lack of education.

"We want to share with people that taking the option of choosing life for your child has been a real gift."

The Wilson's say that many parent's fears are about the future, but that Down Syndrome individuals are accomplishing much more than many have expected.

"They are marrying, they are self-sustaining, they are caring, they are in the school systems, they are in the community."

Andrew says a gentleman in his community quieted his fears by telling him that "there was a silver lining to this story, but he just hadn't found it yet."

But Andrew says he has found that silver lining in his little "Billboard Baby", Sarah.

"You'll not believe the joy these children bring to homes."

The Wilson's hope they'll be able to see Sarah's photo in Time Square September 16, and they've set up a Go Fund Me account to help out.

"We actually have a Go Fund Me page set up and so I'm hoping that people might donate to that page.

What a treat it would be for her parents and everyone to see Sarah's precious little face lighting up Times Square.

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