Police Shoot Man At London Subway Station

Police in London have fatally shot a man at a subway station, a day after bombers attacked three subway trains and a bus. The Friday morning incident triggered new fears about security of the capital's transit system.

A Scotland Yard spokesperson said: "We can confirm that just after 10 a.m. armed officers entered Stockwell Tube station. "A man was challenged by officers and subsequently shot. London Ambulance Service attended the scene. He was pronounced dead at the scene."

A witness says passengers heard someone say "get out, get out" and then there were gunshots. Authorities would not say if the incident was linked to Thursday's attempted attacks or to the attacks two weeks ago. In addition, an East London mosque on Whitechapel Road said it had received a bomb threat and called police. The mosque was evacuated while police checked out the building. It was cleared and people were allowed back inside.

The shooting Friday came as police were hunting the bombers who struck London's transport network the day before. The would-be terrorists attempted to set off another string of bombs on London Underground trains and a double-decker bus Thursday, leaving behind "significant" forensic evidence when the devices failed to detonate, the city's police commissioner said.

The incidents came two weeks after a series of blasts killed 56 people, including four men identified as the bombers, on another three trains and a bus. Police hotly defended their safety measures amid questions over any evidence suggesting a second round of attacks was likely.

Witnesses reported small explosions aboard Underground trains north, south and west of the city center and aboard a bus in east London early Thursday afternoon. One person was reported wounded. The police commissioner would say only that some devices "remain unexploded," and he said police evidence technicians were going over the scenes.

Police urged anyone with photos or video taken around the time of the incidents to e-mail them to investigators. Police took two men into custody after the blasts, both released this morning.