Big Surprise In Tiny Package For Soldier

They say "the third time's the charm." And boy, was that true for military wife, Ashley Guerrero, when she got word her husband was coming back on Saturday.

"Well, then he didn't come," she said. "And so then we thought it would be Sunday. And he didn't come. So here we are today. And he called me from Dallas, so he is here. And he should be getting here any minute."

Tommy's family has not seen him since Thanksgiving break. He's been in Iraq since August. Tommy is a husband and father of four: Jacob, 7; Hannah, 3; London, 1; and Addison, 1 month.

"Da da da da," London calls her dad, even when he's not around.

"That's what I'm most worried about is my kids," Ashley said. "Them getting used to him being here for two weeks and then leaving. But they are so excited, they can't wait. I can't wait."

They don't have to wait much longer. Tommy came through the gates just a few minutes later.

"Daddy, Daddy, Daddy! I miss you," the kids screamed. "I love you, Daddy."

"My baby over there that's one-and-a-half, she doesn't realize who I am," Tommy said of London. "I left when she was only five months old. And then I came back for four days."

But there's one person Sergeant First Class Tommy Guerrero has not even met.

"Now, time for you to meet your young, little girl," Jacob presented Addison to her dad.

Ashley gave birth to Addison last month -- the couple's last child, she says.

More hugging and kissing later. There's something more important to do right now.

"The little girl, they always ask me, are we going to go to Chuck E. Cheese?" Tommy said. "I get to change in the bathroom real quick. And then we're going to go to Chuck E. Cheese."

"Adios, amigos!" Jacob waved, as the family walked out the door.

Tommy will stay in Iraq until at least the first of next year. After that, his wife, Ashley, hopes he will come back home for good.

Julie Tam, reporting.