Better East Texas: Texans helping Texans in Harvey's aftermath

(KLTV) - The rescue response from across Texas to Hurricane Harvey has been so impressive. With literally millions of people in the storm's path, evacuation was truly not possible. But as the waters rose, Texans banded together to help out.

There was no red tape, no government paperwork to deal with, just a rapid response to help.  With everything from boats and other watercraft to emergency supplies – diapers, clothing, bedding and shelter – those affected and displaced were cared for.  It was not perfect by any means, but it truly showed that when needed Texans help, Texans, including those of you that have helped, showed the world what human compassion and ingenuity look like.  

With the waters slowly receding, a next phase of recovery kicks in, and this one will not be a sprint to help, but rather a longer road that will require assistance in many forms from across many miles. This is a time when we can continue to shine by helping our family members and neighbors, but it will require sacrifice on our part.  

Please look for ways to help – established – tried and true ways to help. For some it will mean a sacrifice of money or resources or time. For others, families will come together and revise travel plans and even family holiday gatherings to spend time helping out.  The Hurricane may be gone, but the need for help will be there for many months to come. So, thank you if you have already stepped up and for those about to – watch for some grand opportunities to help and that will make for a Better East Texas.

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