Better East Texas: Social media accountability strikes again

(KLTV) - Unfortunately, not everyone watches these commentary segments.  I completely understand that. However, in a recent segment I highlighted a girls' softball team that was disqualified after a win during the Junior Little League World Series. Some of the team had posted a vulgar, inappropriate picture on Instagram.  League officials punished the team by taking the win away from them.

Well, the you're-accountable-for-what-you-post social media bug has struck again. This time it is Louise Linton, the wife of US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who posted a picture of herself and her husband getting off a government jet after a stop in Kentucky. The post, on Instagram, had multiple hashtags by Linton identifying numerous very high-end designer clothing and accessory pieces in her wardrobe in the picture.

An Oregon housewife responded to the post – "Glad we could pay for your little getaway. #deplorable" suggesting tax payers funded the trip. Linton fired back with a rant about how her sacrifices and taxes paid were significantly more than the housewife and her family paid, and piled on with condescending words. 

After a load of social media pressure, Linton later apologized for the response but the damage was done. It is deplorable when you see someone like Linton act completely out of touch, shown by the original post and then followed by the dress-down of the Oregon housewife. This is the exact kind of behavior that most Americans are offended by – the rich flaunting their jewels while stepping on the throats of those they see as lesser human beings.  It's just another example of social media's accountability in exposing true attitudes.