East Texan Poses For Football Card

They are the best of the best. The top 29 rookies in the NFL gathered at the Los Angeles Coliseum to primp and pose for the Upper Deck Trading Card Company. And right in the middle of all the action was Chapel Hill's Terrence Murphy. Wearing his Green Bay Packers uniform for the first time, the former Texas A&M receiver was beside himself when talking about the opportunity.

"Actually, I've always collected trading cards," said Murphy.  "I've got like, probably 500,000 cards. And you know, I've always collected Upper Decks. It's just great."

But while the day was fun, Terrence says he knows the upcoming season is serious business.

"You've got to stay focused," added Murphy.  "This is my life. This is my job. This is why people go to college to get a degree to get a job, and this is why I play football, to get a job, so I just got to remember that this is what I do and put the right time in it for it."

Murphy reports to Packers training camp on Monday.

Kevin Berns reporting.