Gift of Love: Christina's Adoption Day

This month we've been sharing stories of East Texas foster children who have been given a second chance, thanks to many of you for opening your heart and your home. Here's another success story in our Gift of Love report.

Today is a day 10 year old Christina has waited years for. Standing in a Smith County courtroom, Judge Carol Clark asks her, "Do you know why you came to see me today?" Christina quickly answers, "To be adopted."

Tina, her new mom says, "We actually saw her on a Gift of Love program one Wednesday." Her new dad Tim goes on to say, "We were both in awe and we both looked at each other said that's her. I said, call!"

And with that call, Tim and Tina put a smile back on this child's face. Christina says, "They're sweet and they're loving parents, and now I have a daddy to laugh with."

And a family to love. "She's going to be with us forever, no matter what," says Tim. Tina says, "She's just been unfolding like a nice rose."

This East Texas couple has one son, but always wanted another child. Shawn is 18 years old. He says there's not a dull moment in the house anymore and he welcomes the changes. "I'm not the only one that gets in trouble," says Shawn with a big smile. " I love her with all my heart."

And one of the best parts for Christina? "Having a big brother," she says looking at her new sibling.

Christina was a perfect fit for this family and already feels like their own. "More than you could imagine. She has some of his traits. She has some of my traits," says Tina. She even shares the same birthday as her new mom.

Tina and Tim value family and says Christina means a lot to them. "The world, both my kido's do. I wouldn't know what to do without them," says Tim.

For the first time in her life, she has stability and safety and it's changing her. She's not only performing well in school, she's excelling. Also, she no long takes any medication.

"She's probably the sweetest person you'll ever meet and it's exciting to see her grow and see the person that she's going to turn into," says Tina. Tim says, "It makes you feel awesome. It's almost indescribable how good you feel."

They know the importance of the Gift of Love. Tina says, "Gosh, where would any of us be without that." Christina knows, she remembers being removed from her home about three years ago saying at the time, "I want to be around somebody who loves me."

Today, that wish was granted. Standing in front of her bench Judge Clark says, "Christina, by the power of the state of Texas vested in me, I hereby grant your adoption."

As Christina leaves the courthouse with her forever family she's finally able to say, "I'm glad I have the Gift of Love."

If you'd like information on fostering or adopting call our Gift of Love hotline. The toll free number is 1-888-kids-275.

Gillian Sheridan reporting.