One Man Charged In Fatal Shooting

The 13th shooting in just the last 2 months in Longview's south side leaves a teenager dead. Police say when 19 year old Delunta Deon Oliver answered the door this morning, he was shot and killed. The suspect, 19 year old Derrick Brooks of Longview's was arrested just before two this afternoon, and charged with murder.

The shooting happened about 5 Wednesday morning, in the 16- hundred block of south 12th street. Residents there are living in fear, not if another shooting will happen, but where it will happen again.

"You don't feel safe in your own home" says one 12th street resident.

Still in shock after the shooting, 12th street residents are fearful of even showing their faces outside.

"Like taking your life in your hands when you come down this street, she won't come outside she won't take a chance on getting shot" says neighbor Janice McEntire.

Police say when 19 year old Delunta Oliver answered a knock at the door this morning, he was shot once in the chest.

"They say when he opened to door someone shot him in the heart and killed him instantly. He wasn't the type that started trouble or had enemies, he's always smiling he had a good heart" says Oliver aunt Robin Nelson.

Oliver died from his wound, and his death has residents living in fear of who's next. In today's shooting, investigators say there was evidence of some illegal drug activity at the home. However, friends and family say Oliver was not part of what was going on, and was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.

"Just a nice guy got along with everybody didn't have no problems with anybody, that's why i don't understand how something like this could just happen" says Olivers friend Demont Lewis.

Investigators believe Brooks was looking for someone else at the home when Oliver answered the door. It's the third homicide in Longview this year.

Bob Hallmark reporting.