Illegal Dumping Has Homeowners Concerned About Safety Of Water

It's a flood of junk, and it never stops flowing onto a family's picturesque piece of land in Cherokee County. Tori Minton e-mailed us with a description of just how bad the illegal dumping is on County Road 3304 just North of Lake Jacksonville. With everything from appliances to animal carcasses dumped along the road, minton is worried about her water supply. And that of the City of Jacksonville.

"We were down here Sunday and Monday, this [junk] wasn't here, and that wasn't there," she says.

It's more than an eyesore.  In fact the foul-smelling dump is disgusting -- filled with garbage of all kinds.

"Not just small things but big things. [There] is a back seat of a vehicle, the front seat. There's two couches, a swingset, computers," she says.

With a "no dumping" sign plain as day, it almost seems like dumpers are choosing this spot just to thumb their noses.

"This sign says no dumping by order of Health Department. Granted it's leaning over, but it's probably from all those who back into it dumping their trash out on it," Minton says.

The real problem is a stream that's fed near a spring near Mt. Haven. All of the trash gets washed down. And during a heavy rain, it's no longer just a trickle, but a flood and it carries all of this trash right across their property and toward Lake Jacksonville.

Reporter: "You just have to watch the world go by and all of the trash, right?"

Tori Minton: "Yes. We've seen refrigerators and stoves."

Reporter: "Floating?"

Minton: "Yes, because when it rises, it rises."

And it all heads to the lake which is the drinking water source for the city of Jacksonville.

"I'm not real thrilled about drinking water where a refrigerator has been.  It has Freon in it. Or, you know, appliances -- just junk -- dumped in it," she says.

Their home sits on stilts protecting it from the sometimes high water... and also from the junk. Tori just wants dumpers to take responsibility.

"You're cleaning up your mess, but you're giving us a mess to have to clean up after you. Stop," she says.

Tori says she has called the office of Precinct 3 Constable Randy Thompson several times to get an investigation of the mess, but her calls haven't been returned.

KLTV 7 spoke with Constable Thompson Wednesday night.  He says he has never been contacted by Minton or anyone else regarding the dump, but will investigate.

Morgan Palmer, reporting.