Red Zone Rundown: Joe Drennon takes over Hallsville, Bobcats buy in to win.

Red Zone Rundown: Joe Drennon takes over Hallsville, Bobcats buy in to win.

"I really loved wearing the orange when I wore it, but I'm awful glad to wearing purple and gold right now. Kids did a great job of being here all summer long. That in itself tells me they want to be successful," said Joe Drennon, Bobcats head football coach.

It journey won't be easy. The Hallsville Bobcats are coming off a rough 2016 season where they only came out victorious twice.

"We can't control what's gone on it the past. What we got to do is try and take care of the future and put these kids in places where they can be successful," said Coach Drennon.

"Coach Drennon expects way more out of you. He makes you do a lot more, that helps us a lot this year. He set a big goal for us, it's going to be hard, but I think we can do it," said Semaj Boyd, junior quarterback.

Raising the expectations at this 5A program, Coach Drennon is changing the Bobcat's ways for the better. But one thing he hasn't changed is his philosophy on what wins between the lines.

"If you've ever watched us play football, you know our offensive line is normally pretty good. Those kids believed what I told them, they made a commitment to us," said Coach Drennon.

"Like I said the line makes or breaks the offense. They're really strong, got a lot stronger. I got a lot of confidence in them this year," said Boyd.

Boyd also has trust that the defense will be able to hold off district opponents such as Marshall and Texas High. That's thanks to Coach Drennon's son, Michael.

"Defense is really good this year. Especially Michael at linebacker and Tristan Driggers at safety. A lot of good things," said Boyd.

"Honestly, when I came here they excepted me as one of their own. So it's just like being with the guys back in Mineola. It's family here now," said Michael Drennon, senior linebacker.

We've mentioned the "Drennon Duo" before, but this year it's a trifecta. Coach Drennon's other son, Tyler, is the Bobcat's new receivers coach.

Investing time, sweat, and blood Coach Drennon believes this team is a competitor in 2017.

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