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Murder Victim's Daughter Urges Safety To Seniors

The daughter of a 93-year-old murder victim takes action to protect other East Texas seniors.

Barbara Holder says she does not want anyone else to suffer what her mother, Cecelia Schneider, did 12 days ago, when she was beaten, stabbed, and burned in her Tyler home. So today, she talked to others Tyler seniors at the Senior Citizens Building about safety issues.

"Please don't become complacent," Holder said. "This guy's in jail, but maybe there's 20 more out there just like him."

Schneider's friends are the people her daughter says are most vulnerable.

"We don't know who's out there and who's watching us or who's stalking us," Holder said. "And we do get stalked. Mother got stalked. She lost her life because of it. And we don't want to lose any more of you."

Holder, with the help of Tyler police, shared safety tips that should be followed by everyone, not just the elderly.

"There's things like locking your doors," Holder said. "We're all so guilty of that. I am just as bad -- going outside, leaving my doors unlocked."

A wake-up call today for many.

"I've got two or three windows that need to be locked," Ernestine Riggs said.

But what if your doors and windows are locked and someone knocks?

"I'd probably open the door," Thelma Nolley said.

Not a good idea. Police officers say don't open the door to unsolicited offers for repairs. Don't hesitate to report a suspicious person. When banking, use direct deposit because many criminals know when government checks arrive in the mail. And hold your purse close to you. Twelve percent of all crimes against the elderly are purse snatchings and street robberies.

"I think we all know what to do," Nolley said. "We may not do it."

From a victim's daughter to you, now is the time to put safety tips into practice.

Aside from locking your doors and turning on outside lights, another safety tip is to get to know your neighbors. You can do all of those things on August 2 -- National Night Out -- 7-10 p.m. If you want to participate and your neighborhood is not hosting such an event, call Tyler Police to organize one. The number is 903-531-1096.

Julie Tam, reporting.


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