Better East Texas: Ezekiel Elliott's wake-up call

(KLTV) - The Dallas Cowboys star running back, Ezekiel Elliott was handed a six-game suspension recently for violating the NFL's conduct policy. The decision is from multiple alleged domestic violence incidents. What makes this situation a little curious is that police decided not to charge Elliott for the action, citing insufficient evidence and conflicting accounts, but the League has every right to suspend a player based on the Personal Conduct Policy that every player has to abide by. 

Elliott has also shown a pattern of questionable behavior in the past year, and the League stated that that behavior contributed to the decision to suspend.  This will cost Elliott millions of dollars; it may also cost the Cowboys on the field, but it is the right thing to do. Elliott has admitted he is far from perfect but he obviously needs some supervision or needs to mature before he becomes the next Ray Rice where he is essentially kicked out of the game – his profession – at which is very effective.

This is also about the Cowboys.  Great teams go to great lengths to help their members succeed.  It is that way in business and it should be that way in sports. Now, players can still reject that help, but it is apparent the Cowboys have a limited plan, resulting in limited control over some of their key players.  Elliott will appeal the suspension and it may be reduced, but it will hopefully also serve as a wake-up call for this young man that actions have consequences.

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