John Tyler receives donation for local lawyer to help upgrade helmets

The John Tyler Lions always seem to look sharp in their uniforms. But thanks to East Texas lawyer Keith Miller, the Lions will look better and play safer.

Helmets that advertise lowering the impact of hits, and possibly reduce the amount of concussions, come with a hefty price-tag. Miller's donation of 7,500 dollars, will go to help the lions cover that cost.

"Keith Miller's been a big sponsor of John Tyler High School football program for years now.  I know it's goes all the way back. He's just as important to this team, as we are (coaches). It's going to go toward some new helmets that we need to get for the guys. It's just something that we've been needing to take care of and by him helping us every year it's been a great thing," said Ricklan Holmes, John Tyler head football coach.