New Details In Schneider Murder Case: Suspect's Family Talks

New details tonight that police say link a Tyler man to the murder of a 93-year-old woman.

Clifton Lamar Williams, 21, is charged with the capital murder of Cecelia Schneider. Police say Williams burglarized Schneider's home, beat and stabbed her multiple times, and set her house on fire July 8.

Known as "Crazy C," Williams tipped off police when he gave a friend the exact details of the crime he had committed two Fridays ago. But Williams said his victim was a man in North Tyler.

Today, Williams' stepmother and sister came to clean out his apartment near downtown Tyler, where he lived by himself. Williams' step mom would not tell me her name.

"The same day that they said this happened, I was here in the city, gave him money, 'cause I come down once a month, buy his groceries, pay his bills," she said.

"Does he work?" I asked.

"No, he doesn't work," she said. "He doesn't work. He has a mental problem. He's on medication. He's a patient at Andrews Center."

Williams has a criminal history of misdemeanors that go back to 2002. He's convicted of giving a false report to police and criminal trespass. He's also charged with failure to identify himself, three counts of public intoxication, and now capital murder.

"He kind of was a loner, you know," Williams' step mom said. "If he did it, I know something else played a part in it because that just wasn't his character."

"What was his character like?" I asked.

"He was a nice, young man," Williams' stepmother said.

Williams' girlfriend, Monica (Porter) Coleman, 31, lives just three doors down from Ms. Schneider on E. Callahan St.

If the allegations against her boyfriend are true, she said, "I hate it. But nothing's going to make me stop seeing him. I love him."

Monica says, almost everyday, Williams would walk from his home on S. Fannin to see her, but not the day of the crime. She says she went to see him.

Court documents say Williams left home shortly after Monica arrived. He did not tell her where he was going or when he would be back.

Monica told police she "observed C. Williams with a cut to his hand, and he has been wrapping the wound with a cloth to stop the bleeding."

Police say they found a lot of blood inside and outside Schneider's abandoned car, as well as a bloody tissue on the floorboard. Investigators say a fingerprint on the car matches that of Williams.

No trial date for Williams has been set at this time.

Julie Tam, reporting.