UV Program Available In Tyler Helps Detect Early Sun Damage

For many, summer means spending time outdoors, getting the perfect tan.

But over time, exposure to the sun adds up. Though you can't see it, when you look in the mirror, the damage is still there. It can even lead to skin cancer.

However, a new technology, available right here in East Texas, lets you see the damage your eyes cannot.

"The tans that they have forgotten, the sunburns they have forgotten, that's now showing up on their skin," said Dr. Dannise Beckley. "With this new enhanced camera it's very helpful for them."
South Tyler Dermatology is using the latest technology to detect sun damage. Hooked up to a camera, a computer program highlights where the sun has done the most harm.

"It uses a UV enhanced program, computer program, to show the patients what they can't see with the naked eye," said Dr. Beckley. "Your skin does accumulate sun damage over your lifetime. As that occurs, there comes and overwhelming point that your skin cannot repair itself anymore."

In looking at photos, there was one in particular of a 26-year-old woman. The regular snapshot showed a complexion that seemed flawless, but the camera revealed a heavy amount of sun damage. Years of it, can lead to skin cancer, even fatal melanoma.

"Melanoma is a skin cancer that when it's very thin, it tends to spread through channels, lymphatic channels and through the blood stream to other distant sites," said Dr. Beckley.

The spreading can be happen quickly. That's why Dr. Beckley hopes this camera will urge patients to take better care and avoid the risks.

The UV program works for all skin types and complexions. Dr. Beckley said the program does not use harmful UV rays and is safe for your skin and eyes.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com