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Wills Point ISD students draw handmade books to raise money for students in need

(Source: Wills Point ISD) (Source: Wills Point ISD)
(Source: Wills Point ISD) (Source: Wills Point ISD)
(Source: Wills Point ISD) (Source: Wills Point ISD)

A group of Wills Point ISD fourth graders is making sure no child goes without adequate school supplies this year.

When the students saw their classmates were in need, they devised a plan.

"(They) approached me in the hallway one morning and asked in they could schedule a meeting with me," says Woods Intermediate School Principal Melanie Mulland. "They said they had something really important they wanted to talk to me about."

Mulland scheduled a meeting with the students.

"They were dressed to the nines. The girls had dresses on, their hair done, one of the boys had on a tie," she says.

She was surprised by what they told her.

"They told me that they were a little worried about some of their classmates who did not have good backpacks and school supplies," she says. "Their idea that they pitched to me was they wanted to write their own children's books and sell them to the public so they could raise money."

She gave the group suggestions and scheduled a follow-up meeting with them.

Mulland was touched by the gesture and by the students' commitment.

"They have been working on these homemade books for about two or three months," she says.

The students, fourth graders Presley Mixon, Averi Ryan and Jett Fletcher, worked on the project a lot on their own time, the principal notes. And they drew upon their own interest for inspiration when writing.

"One is about a cowboy, one is about a little girl who likes to sing. They just tried to use their own interests and the interest of students in their class," she says.

In all, the students made about 100 books.

Those books will be sold for $1 each during the district's Saturday book fair at Wills Point High School. The event runs from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Students who receive free and reduced lunch will be able to receive free school supplies, hair cuts and vision screening.

"I am super proud," Mulland says, adding that the school puts an emphasis on respect.

"Are we respecting ourselves? Are we respecting others? And are we respecting our building? I just feel like this was such a good demonstration of that," she says. "It was extremely rewarding to see these kids put forth so much effort into it."

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