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Police: Be wary of callers pretending to be officers


Longview police are urging residents to be wary of phone calls from people pretending to be officers.

"Recently we have seen new Fraud/Scam case involving unknown subjects calling individuals from blocked numbers advising they are Longview Police Department Police Officers, calling about a family member being in jail, and needing money to get out of jail," the department said in a press release.

Longview Police Department says officers do not contact people in reference to paying money to get arrestees out of jail.

"You will never be asked to send cash money, or get an I-Tunes card or re-loadable Credit Card to pay the fine. You will never be solicited by Longview Police Department for money over the phone," the statement continues.

LPD urges residents who receive similar phone calls to follow these steps.

  1. Get the callers information (Name. Agency, and contact information) 
  2. Advise them you will have to call them back (even if they insist that it is an urgent matter) 
  3. Look up that agencies information online. phone book etc and contact that agency directly to verify that this is a legitimate claim.

"If someone is calling you claiming to be from Longview Police Department and wanting a payment, you can call 903-237-1199 to verify that information," LPD writes.

The police department notes that Longview City Marshals Office and the Longview Municipal Courts do call people in reference to citations or warrant payments. However, they instruct residents to come to LPD to resolve the matter, pay the fine online via the city website or trafficpayment.com.

That information can be verified by contacting Longview Municipal Courts at 903-237-1186. 

"The FBI's website www.ic3.gov or the Federal Trade Commission's website wvAv.ftc.gov can give you valuable information on the types of 'scams' that are being used," LPD says.

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