Hurricane Emily Forces Church To Postpone Mission Trip

For forty members of Tyler's Green Acres Baptist Church, there are heavy hearts. They had hoped to go to Mexico, as they do every year, to share the Gospel and build communities.

But they can't get there now because of Emily's aftermath.

For months now, the members of the single adults ministry at Green Acres had been looking forward to their annual mission trip to the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. They were to leave this past weekend... but held off because of the approach of Emily.

After the storm, they had hoped to send a dozen or so to help rebuild, but for safety and logistical reasons, made the difficult decision this afternoon to postpone the trip.

"We don't know what's happening down there. It just broke my heart and we're giving a lot of prayer for the people down there," said mission worker Christy Thornton.

"These aren't just a group of people we go and see every year. These are a group of people we have grown to love, and we communicate through e-mails and phone. So when we heard Emily was approaching, we got on our knees and prayed for God's protection over them," said Green Acres single adult minister Bryan Grant.

They're now hoping to take their scheduled mission trip to Mexico next March. Tonight, they hear that the homes off those poorest residents along the Yucatan coast -- their friends -- have suffered major damage.

Reported by Morgan Palmer.