Red Zone Rundown: Chapel Hill Bulldogs prep their bite for 2017 season

Red Zone Rundown: Chapel Hill Bulldogs prep their bite for 2017 season

"It feels good man, we've been putting in the work since summertime. I'm just ready to put the pads on a play football," said Adrian Berry, Bulldog linebacker.

Competing in the "District of Doom" for the second consecutive year, the Chapel Hill Bulldogs are looking to make 2017 their comeback season.

"Glad to be back out here with a team that's ready to work and hungry. We are ready to go get it, new coaches and a lot of energy so I feel great," said Khristion Little, Bulldog running back.

Making the move from Brownsboro, the Bulldog's new head coach Jason Hooker believes he has all the tools necessary to revive this East Texas team.

"It is a proud program, a lot of tradition. A lot of playoff appearances, state championships won here. So we are just going to come in with the mindset to be consistent, work hard, kids play with a lot of enthusiasm," said Jason Hooker, first year head coach at Chapel Hill.

Winning the Class 3A Division I State Championship back in 2011, the Bulldogs have had to fight for every win since. Coming off their second absence from the playoffs in five years, this team says the fight just gets stronger.

"It's a feeling that sits in your stomach and we are going to get rid of it," said Little.

"We were very hurt, but we got a new season now. Got to see what we can do, work harder, play harder, and see how it go from there," said Berry.

"I'm just really looking forward to us scoring a lot of touchdowns. Gaining those yards that we know we can get, you know it's the little yards that count. If we can get those little yards, it can turn into big plays and that's all that counts," said Marquis Massenburge, Bulldogs defensive lineman and running back.

"I have one on one talks with just about everyone of these guys over spring and summer when I came in. They've told me they are ready to put in the work. They want to be the group that puts Chapel Hill back on the map," said Coach Hooker.

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