Red Zone Rundown: All Saints Trojans take a risk and decide to play as an independent in 2017

Red Zone Rundown: All Saints Trojans take a risk and decide to play as an independent in 2017

It doesn't matter if you're watching six-man or Classification 6A football, in East Texas every level is competitive.

With that said, when former TAPPS competitor All-Saints announced it's independence, it caught some attention.

"I'm just excited to play the game. At the beginning of the season I didn't even think we were going to have a football team to be honest. I'm just happy to be out here with everyone that has the heart to be out here with the team," said Tanner Towns, Trojans quarterback.

Facing a shortage of bodies for the 2017 season, Head Coach Drew Starnes knew the best option for his team was to drop out of TAPPS contention and form an independent schedule .

"That was tough, giving up the rivalries. Because we have good rivalries with Gorman, Grace, and Brook Hill and we hate to not be able to play them this year, but it's what we had to do," said Drew Starnes, Trojans Head Football Coach

On a good day, the Trojans will have a 20-man roster. Needless to say, endurance and health are top priorities.

"We've been running a lot more, trying to get in better shape. We don't have as many players so we have to be in good shape to play both sides of the ball if we need to," said Jackson Jordan, Trojans wide receiver.

"Staying healthy, if a couple of us get hurt it may be a pretty bad situation for us," said Towns.

It's not a situation any player or coach would want to be in. But at the same time, it spotlights a pure love for the game football.

"We've been working out together all summer. We've really bonded, so I'm happy about that. The younger freshman they are going to have to play at the varsity level. They have a lot of heart to be out here with us," said Towns.

"I just wanted to be out here with my team and just play football. We are here to win, we want to win as much as possible," said Jordan.

"These 20 young men we have out here are extremely special. They are doing something very difficult and they are doing it with a uncertain future. But no matter what they are coming out here and working extremely hard. They know and understand that they are going to be bigger and better for it when we are finished," said Coach Starnes.

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