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7/18/05-Cancun, Mexico

Hurricane Emily Lashes Yucatan Peninsula

 According to the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Emily has weakened slightly. Its winds are now at 135 miles-per-hour. Forecasters say it will likely weaken further as it heads across the peninsula toward the Gulf of Mexico.

As a Category 4 storm at landfall, Emily was still capable of causing extensive structural damage and coastal flooding with storm surges of up to 18 feet as it made landfall.

It's expected to slam the popular resorts of Cozumel  and Cancun. Tourists jammed Cancun's airport earlier today. Others were transported inland. Many residents and off-shore oil workers have also been evacuated.

As Emily began to cross the Yucatan into the Gulf of Mexico, hurricane watches were issued by Mexican officials from Cabo Rojo northward to the Texas border and then in the United States from from Brownsville, Texas to Baffin Bay.

Hurricane warnings were posted from the beach towns of Cabo Catoche to Campeche, including the resorts of Cancun, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres. Tropical storm warnings were posted for the northern coast of Belize as well, but were expected to be discontinued later in the morning

After entering the Gulf again, Emily will likely make landfall again on Wednesday anywhere from northeastern Mexico to southern Texas.

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