Red Zone Rundown: Brook Hill returns healthy and ready to rock 2017

Red Zone Rundown: Brook Hill returns healthy and ready to rock 2017

It was the year of the guard. After 6 weeks of play, Brook Hill was undefeated with zero signs of slowing down. That is until starting quarterback Hood Taylor went down with a season ending knee injury.

"We probably didn't do a good enough job last year of getting our number two and three ready. We are doing a better job of the this year," said Scott Ryle, Guard head football coach.

Going 1-5 in the second half of 2016, first year Head Coach Scott Ryle and his team were left with the thought of 'what if'.

"We just try and strive to pick up where we left off. Sure we lost, but we are just using that as fuel to go farther and farther into the playoffs. Just try and build off of that," said Garrett Davis, junior Guard wide receiver.

But today, those 'what ifs' have turned into 'what's next'. With most of the squad returning and Taylor is back in the saddle, if this team can stay healthy, the sky is the limit in 2017.

"I'm in the best shape of my life. My knees are feeling awesome and I couldn't be happier to be out here," said Hood Taylor, senior Guard quarterback.

"I think we have a really strong receiving and I think that's just going to help us in our offensive strategy this year. I think we will be able to propel over people just because of our strong offense," said Davis.

"Hood has put a lot of time in. I mean he looks like a different kid. He is a lot stronger, a lot faster. But you got to credit the rest of the team. We are so much more father along than we have been. A lot more stronger than we were last year," said Coach Ryle.

"Coming off last year we had a new head coach and we were trying to learn plays. Now we are just repeating it, we know the plays. We are just repping it out now. We are just ready to play," said Taylor.

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