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Search warrant reveals new details of Spring Hill teacher misconduct investigation


An affidavit is revealing new details about an investigation involving former Spring Hill teacher suspected of misconduct.

The teacher was an algebra teacher at Spring Hill Independent School District. She resigned in April amid an investigation that she had an improper relationship with a student.

In April, the district and Longview Police Department officers began investigations. Documents filed in the case were made public this week. Those documents reveal details about a possible relationship between the teacher and a student who played sports at the school.

In March, a detective spoke with the student who said that he was in the teacher's class. He told the officer that the teacher texted him several times about school work and has sent him photos other than school-related events.

"(The student) went on to say that he kissed (her) in the parking lot behind the band hall. (The student) told me that he made the first move and that (she) told him that she couldn't because she was married," the affidavit reads.

The incident allegedly happened in late January or early February.

The student also told the detective that at no point did he have sexual contact with the teacher.

He later told the detective he didn't know why rumors had started at the school or who started them.

When she was asked why she didn't report the incident, the teacher said she "didn't remember (the details) because it was quick, and it caught her off guard," the document states

Superintendent Steven Snell said the school questioned the teacher when the initial rumors began.

He told a detective that he met with the teacher who told him she had received a picture of a male student with his shirt off through Snapchat. An investigation was then opened with the district's human resources department.

After that first meeting, rumors continued circulating and the teacher was again called in for a meeting where she was placed on administrative leave with pay. She immediately resigned afterward and is no longer employed with the district.

"As soon as I mentioned that she resigned. It happened pretty simultaneously," Snell said.

During that meeting, he asked if she was involved in a romantic or sexual relationship with any student and the teacher said no. She also said that the student had told her he had feelings for her before and that he's commented on her appearance before, saying she was "looking good today."

The superintendent said the case remains open and is urging people with information that could aid in the resolution of the case to forward.

"I would continue to encourage anyone with any information in the case to contact the Longview Police Department," he said.

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