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7/17/05-Smith County

Soccer Game Leads To Bloody Brawl

A Smith County soccer game turns into a bloody brawl.

At least five people were injured with baseball bats and beer bottles. It happened this afternoon, when two men's soccer teams were playing their championship game at Lindsey Park.

Witnesses say fans of the losing team got upset and damaged vehicles of fans of the winning team. One victim's mother says she called Tyler police, who came and left.

"What I told officers when they got there after it happened, I told officers, I said you should have never left," Delores Vargas, a spectator, said. "You should have stayed there in the field until it was all over. They should have kept four or five officers out there the whole day just to watch people."

Tyler police say one man will be charged with reckless driving and others will likely face charges of aggravated assault.

Julie Tam, reporting.


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