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Disaster Team Set To Deploy From East Texas

The East Texas Disaster Relief Team is on stand-by ready to deploy wherever Hurricane Emily strikes. Already mapping possible locations to set up field kitchens, members of the East Texas Disaster Relief Team are ready to once again step in and lend a hand in the event of a hurricane disaster.

"Working disaster relief is a calling. It's a ministry and the lord doesn't call you to do something if he doesn't give you the wherewithal to do it," says team member Jerry Don Jones.

Working with the Red Cross, they're ready to set up eight feeding locations in south Texas to feed 20,000 meals each day if Emily strikes south Texas. For years, they're traveled across the world helping those who have lost everything, and those memories have taken a toll.

"The man in Terrel that came up and visited me after the tornado, and said I just left my son who died in the hospital. What do you say to somebody who's lost his entire family and all his possessions," says team leader Mike Brittain.

From 9-11 to the tsunami they've provided mobile kitchens, and have fed thousands of people in times of disaster. Seeing all the human suffering kindles painful memories.

"In Sri Lanka when we were there many of them had lost a family member , several of them lost whole families and everything they owned," says Jones.

"The tsunami, all those little children who lost their parents it was such a tragedy," Brittain says.

They hope there'll never be another disaster. But they'll be there if there is.

"We were there before. We'll be there again," says Brittain.

Bob Hallmark reporting, bhallmark@kltv.com

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