Better East Texas: Better communication needed between press, president

(KLTV) - With all the recent departures from the Trump administration, one has to wonder if things will ever settle down. One of the most recent – Anthony Scaramucci, was particularly puzzling. 

Scaramucci was on the job only nine days and yet found a way to grab weeks' worth of headlines after he went on a vulgar tirade against members of the president's team. Scaramucci called a reporter and then proceeded to go on the disgusting rant.

President Trump and his surrogates have tried to villify the press with calls of fake news – but Scaramucci and others have felt it very appropriate to contact members of the press to give interviews and to try to control the current narrative to their advantage.

So which is it – you hate the press and distrust them or like the press and want to use them?  It is probably a little of both. As a country, we want a free press – we need a free press.  Do we always get that?  No.  But the press is there to challenge and learn and work for Americans. Do they always work for all Americans? 

Definitely not.  Are some presidents friendlier with the press? Yes.  But continuing to villify the press has done nothing but escalate numerous reports that twist the facts to make them more salacious just to get a reaction out of the president. 

If the president shows some restraint, some discipline, he will absolutely be better off and clear communication will prevail and that will make for a Better East Texas.
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