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Gas station owner says anti-skimming devices may not be used by owners

Waleed Iqbal (Source: KLTV) Waleed Iqbal (Source: KLTV)
Gas Pump Sentry (Source: CNN) Gas Pump Sentry (Source: CNN)
Gas Pump Skimmers (Source: KLTV) Gas Pump Skimmers (Source: KLTV)

With credit card skimmers becoming more prevalent at gas stations in East Texas and across the country, companies are looking into more theft deterrents. One way they're doing is by creating devices that would be placed in gas pumps that would sound an alarm when opened.

One gas station owner, however says some may not use it…or any measures like it.

Waleed Iqbal is a gas station owner in Tyler he says anything that stops people from skimming at gas pumps is good.

"They are really interested in the credit card details, because that's a quick money," says Iqbal.

It’s a quick cash flow that Detective Jeff Roberts with the Tyler Police Department and many others are working diligently to stop.

"This is an ever-growing problem because this is a national issue," says Roberts.

To help in that fight, there is a device being released in Florida called "gas pump sentry.” The device is placed inside gas pumps to go off when the pumps are open.

"You can easily find these alarms on the Home Depot, or Amazon, or any electronic shop, and then you can put it on each of your pumps," says Iqbal.

Here's the issue: Iqbal believes owners aren't using them currently, because they aren't the ones on the hook when a theft happens.

"We're not just bothered because it's not our money at stake," says Iqbal.

“Anything that's coming out, new technology that can protect the consumer, is something that the businesses need to take a look at," says Roberts.

Tyler police say there isn't a law forcing gas station owners to put anti-theft measures on their gas pumps, but customers like Daniel Carter say there should be one.

"Yeah, because it's such a big problem."

Ultimately Iqbal says it comes down to more oversight in the fight against a growing problem.

"We must do it, we should do it. If the law says it that you must do it, everybody must, everybody would do it then," says Iqbal.

Tyler police say there isn't anything stopping gas stations from advertising that they have these anti-theft measures. As far as fraudulent charges however, police ask that you notify authorities as soon as the charge shows up on your credit or debit cards.

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