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Constable whose dashcam recorded plane crash: 'I wasn't sure what was fixin' to happen'

Ray Anthony (Source: KLTV/KTRE) Ray Anthony (Source: KLTV/KTRE)

An Angelina County constable is describing the terrifying moment a plane went down in Smith County after the crash was recorded on his dash cam.

Ray Anthony was driving home from work on Tuesday when he saw the plane crash to the ground right off of Highway 69.

He says he had a feeling the plane was in distress.

 "I wasn't sure what was fixin' to happen. When I first saw it I thought, 'Well wow, he's pretty low.'” Anthony said.

In the video, you can see the plane looks as if it's going to try to land on the highway, but takes a turn into the trees.

 "About that point there, I realized he seemed to be in trouble."

The constable's dash cam was rolling when the plane took a nose dive for the ground.

"I had just passed the motorcycle ... at that point, I thought it might be fixin' to go down," says Anthony.

Anthony says traffic immediately stopped. He said he immediately called 911.

“Because I was in a different county, I didn't have any way of radio in what the county that we were in,” Anthony said. “As a matter of fact, I wasn't sure if I was still in Smith County or if I had already gone into Cherokee County.”

It's the first plane crash he's ever witnessed in person.

“There was a brief moment there I thought it could possibly come down on the road,” Anthony said. “And that kind of really concerned me a little bit because there was traffic coming from the other direction.

The constable said he approached the cockpit and was grateful for bystander's help.

“I remember seeing a couple of guys running up with fire extinguisher, because at first, we didn't know,” Anthony said. “It might possibly catch on fire. It was smoking a little bit once it hit the ground. There were several people there that rushed up to do the right things.”

Two people were injured in the crash. 

Joshua Daniel, 36, of Bullard is still in ICU at ETMC Tyler and is listed in serious condition. Jamie Jackson, 33, of Tomball was treated and released.

"I just hope the two guys are doing well," says Anthony. 

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