New Book Hits The Shelves, Harry Potter Fans Dress For The Occasion

Wizards, spells and mystery. The Harry Potter books offer it all.
In honor of the latest Harry release, there was a little magic at Tyler's Public Library Saturday.
A celebration let Potter fans mingle and mystify, dressed as their favorite characters.
Fans created their own magic wands, mini-brooks and magic potions. The party included a screening of one of the three potter films. Harry fans called the event, "spellbinding."
"I love Harry Potter so much because it's fun to read," said Ben Smart.
Nine-year-old Alex Decker will soon have two copies. "Well my mom bought it at the store Friday night at midnight and there should be a copy coming in the mail on Monday."
The latest installment of Harry Potter is expected to sell 10 million copies around the world, just this week.

Maya Golden reporting,