Clifton Williams Arrested In Brutal Murder Case

Late Friday night, police arrested 21-year-old Clifton Lamar Williams.
Police said Williams was wanted for the murder of 93-year-old Cecilia Schneider.
Mrs. Schneider was found stabbed to death inside her home. Police believe Williams stole her purse and car, then set her home on fire to cover up the crime.
He is being held at the Smith County Jail on a capital murder warrant.
Police said neighbors spotted Clifton Williams Friday night in the same neighborhood, Mrs. Schneider called home.
They said officers searched the area around Callahan Street and Fannin Avenue, where Williams lives. When they found him, police said Williams led officers on a brief foot chase, then ran to his father's home to hide. Police said William's father, brought his son to the police department.
Police are not yet saying how Clifton Williams, is linked to Mrs. Schneider. However, when KLTV visited her neighborhood to talk with those who lived right beside her about his arrest, we spoke to a woman who declined to go on camera, but said her niece, who lives with her, has been dating Clifton Williams for the past two months. She said on many occasions Williams come to the house, including Friday night. She also told us she was one of the people who alerted police he was in the area. Their home is only a few doors down from Mrs. Schneider's home.
"We have such relief that this guy is off the streets now and can't do this to anyone else," said Mrs. Schneider's daughter, Barbara Holder. Barbara was thankful for Williams quick arrest.
"You have to understand this man was caught, almost to the hour of the time that he killed my mother, one week ago," she said.
Barbara Holder wanted to meet with KLTV in front of the "Wall of Memories," where the names of violent crime victims are written. Her mother's name will one day be etched in the granite. Barbara said she suspects Williams had seen her 93-year-old mother as an easy target.
"I don't know the circumstances totally, but I think he just saw an easy way to get some money, or whatever he was looking for."
Barbara said she will leave Williams fate to a jury. "I don't wish anyone harm. I could say that I want the death penalty but I'm not sure that that's the answer."
Her heart still hurts for the mother she has lost. But Barbara is grateful for all those she said helped find the man that took her mother away from her.
"The people, the people are the ones that did this. They are trying to make the community safe and it's safer now with this guy off the streets."
Again, authorities have not yet confirmed how Williams was linked to Mrs. Schneider's murder. His bond has been set at $1 million.

Maya Golden reporting,