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Concealed campus carry begins at Texas junior, community colleges


Today marks the first-day students, staff, and faculty at community and junior colleges across the state can carry concealed firearms on campus.

One year ago today the law went into effect at public, four-year colleges and universities.

Chief Heath Cariker, with the Kilgore College Police Department, says firearms “must be holstered on our campus, they must be concealed, you must not do anything to draw attention to the weapon, it can not be left in backpacks or handbags or anything like that.”

Only students with licenses to carry are allowed to carry a firearm on campus. However, because most students enrolled at Kilgore College aren’t 21, they aren’t old enough to apply for a license to carry.

Campuses are allowed ‘no firearm zones’. At Kilgore College, the police station, Testing Center, and Health Science Center are prohibited areas.

If a student, staff or faculty member, or a member of the public is caught open carrying, they could face a Class A Misdemeanor or greater, and academic repercussions.

Starting September 1, the cost to apply for a license to carry in Texas will go down from $140 to $40.

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