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Gladewater boil notice continues after three water line breaks

Low pressure means boil the water before drinking. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV. Low pressure means boil the water before drinking. Photo by Jamey Boyum KLTV.

Gladewater is still under a boil water notice. That’s what the city is advising residents about their water system until it’s declared all clear.

There were several water line breaks in the system over the weekend, and it could be days before the water is declared safe to drink.

The Gladewater Water Department had a busy day answering customer’s questions. Steven Matlock, Gladewater Public Works Director says it started Saturday with a break.

“On our main line leading the water treatment plant,” Matlock explained.

In fact, it was about a block away from the facility. They called in a crew to begin the process of repairing it, but they encountered a problem. 

“It started a series of events with other areas of the line,” Matlock revealed.

There were two more breaks, and all were repaired by Sunday evening, but there are still repercussions. The resident who lives near the first break has very low pressure.

“Well, look. Check this out, look. There’s no change when you put hot on,” she said as she turned on the hot water faucet.

The water looks clear at her place, but it still needs to be boiled before drinking.

Businesses are affected, and the hardest hit are restaurants Like Texas Traditions. They’re buying ice and giving out bottled water rather than boiling it. Manager Keith Robertson says he just has to absorb the cost.

Matlock held a piece of the old 12-inch pipe that broke away during repair. The new pipe is a type of thick plastic that should last longer. But, until the pressure has built back up:

“There’s criteria that calls for a boil water notice. Water quality is one of them. That was not the case here. It was low water pressure,” Matlock said.

Water samples have to be sent off and approved by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

“Hopefully in the next day or two we will be able to meet those requirements and lift the boil water notice,” Matlock said.

He says the danger from low pressure is that the pipes can draw contaminants from the soil into the water line, so the tests, and the boil water notice, will continue for the time being.

“The water itself, that’s a continuous sampling process. What water we have, and what water we’ve had, has met the requirements for drinking water. We met the other criteria which is the low water pressure,” Matlock added.

We have posted the CDC’s tips on what to do with your water if you get a boil notice, here.

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