Relative Angry Over Marshall Child's Drowning

Anger and outrage are being expressed by the uncle of an east Texas boy who drowned in a bath tub while in foster care. Four year old Anthony Johnson died Monday in Marshall. The boy's uncle, Jimmy Duncan, hopes someone will be held responsible for his nephew's death.

"There could have been something done to prevent this now I'm going to pay for it for the rest of my life because I'm not going to get to see my little boy again" says Jimmy Duncan.

Duncan had taken care of his nephew many times and had even considered adopting the child. "We had a good connection he was just a precious good little boy, I loved him as my son."

55 year old foster parent Emma Williams in charge of Anthony at the time of his death has been charged with "Child Abandonment -Endangerment, Child Criminal Negligence" in connection with Anthony's death. She's free on bond. Duncan and his family are angry not only at Williams, but at child protective services. He says it did a horrible job of placing Anthony in a home with a woman who had a documented criminal record.

"I think the balls been dropped in two parts, one by CPS the other by the individual who was supposed to be taking care of the boy apparently she wasn't doing her job and they weren't doing theirs".

Just recently, Duncan has heard from other family members of possible abuse in the foster home before Anthony's death. All that he has left now is the memory of a little boy he considered the son he never had.

"The old saying is if a persons remembered they'll live forever. He'll be right here next to my heart."

At one point, Duncan was considering adopting Anthony. Anthony, his younger brother and a sister, had been in the care of 55 year old Emma Williams for just 2 weeks at the time of Anthony's death. They were taken from their mother because police say she has a severe drug problem and was neglecting her children. If found guilty on criminal charges, the foster mother, "Emma Williams" could get up to 2 years behind bars.

Bob Hallmark reporting.