93-Year-Old Laid To Rest, Murder Unsolved

"She was a precious lady, someone's grandma, if you will," Kathy Dutke, a relative of Cecelia Schneider, 93, said. "She had a lot of energy, you know, to be in her 90s and be able to have a car and drive and do things."

Schneider did not let age slow her down. She was a devout Catholic and helped with countless events at the cathedral, where she was a member for most of her life.

"You know, a person that old, you'd think she'd say, well, I don't have to work anymore. Not Cecelia," Mary Jane McNamara, a long-time friend of Schneider, said. "She had the biggest heart in the world."

The funeral service was no doubt solemn, but not without a few laughs, as the monsignor told stories of how Schneider would hang up the phone on her family members, if she could not convince them she was right.

"She loved life. She lived it to the fullest. And she loved for people to tell her she was pretty," Barbara Holder, Schneider's daughter, said. "But she could set you in your place real quick if she didn't like something you proved."

Holder says the community has been behind her since learning of the tragedy. Everywhere she goes, East Texans are offering their support.

"Tyler's a great city with great people in it," Holder said. "And we will get rid of the ones that aren't. They don't belong here."

Holder's pain and anger have turned into action, as she reminds other seniors to be more cautious and to protect each other.

We want to remind you about Schneider's stolen car that was found on Greenbriar Road near the old Texas Parks & Wildlife Fish Hatchery. It's a beige 1997 Toyota Camry that was wrecked into a ditch sometime between midnight and Saturday morning.

And police want to question a person of interest seen walking near the abandoned car. He's described as a black man, 20-30 years old, 5'6" to 5'8", with a thin build. He possibly suffered injuries in the wreck.

Call Tyler police, if you have any information.

Julie Tam, reporting.