Better East Texas: Rethinking 'sanctuary cities' after immigrant deaths

(KLTV) - You probably saw recent news reports on the death of ten illegal immigrants in a tractor trailer at a San Antonio WalMart.  These people died from heat exposure as they and the twenty-nine other people in the trailer shared a single hole in the side of the trailer to breathe.  

The truck driver has been arrested and faces serious charges.

This is a human tragedy, and it is just one of the elements in the illegal immigration situation that is facing our county.  People wanting to get to America that died. They were chasing a dream of a better life for them and perhaps their families and now, they have died.  

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick pointed out in a comment that events like this are reasons why we need to end sanctuary cities – and he has a point.  These people that risked their lives and died were just trying to get here and they probably felt that once they arrived that they could live in some cities in Texas and be productive – breaking the law in being here, but being productive.  

That theme is one that is communicated within the idea of sanctuary cities. There are thousands of human smuggling attempts every year and some do end in harm or disaster to those seeking to make it to the U.S.  The federal government and state government need to enforce the laws we have on the books, if for no other reason, than to prevent more human tragedies.  After that, we need some kind of compassionate reform; but close the spigot now and it saves lives and makes for a Better East Texas.

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