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Charlie's Sno-balls owner plans to keep serving though building hit by truck

(Source: Kilgore Fire Department) (Source: Kilgore Fire Department)

A truck came crashing through the doors of an East Texas snow cone shop.

The crash happened around 1:30 at Charlie's Sno-balls on highway 42 in Kilgore. A truck came crashing through the front doors and into the tables inside. As often is the case, it was caused by the driver's hitting the gas instead of the brakes.
"I saw the truck slowly come over the curb. And I thought what’s he doing? And then he just hit the gas and once he touched the wall his tires were
spinning," said witness Ron McWhirt.
"About that time I heard 'boom.' I didn't realize what it was until I turned to look this way and I saw everything this away. I said 'there's a truck
that hit the building, call 9-1-1,'" said one worker.

Fortunately no one was at the tables when the truck came through.

Charlie Walker is one of the most well-known business owners in Gregg County, and was immediately on scene after the crash.
"We had a table that was sitting out in front of the window; luckily, no was sitting at the table, so no one was hurt," Charlie says.

The driver was a customer well known to Charlie.

"They always come in all the time; we see them at events. His wife his kids. I feel sorry for the gentleman, but I still love him, and I told him things happen. It's life," Walker says.

Unphased, the man with the hearty laugh was soon serving sno-balls to customers on tables outside his business doors once again.
"I will pull my trailer up to the front steps and we'll be back open within an hour," says Charlie.
Walker wants to thank the Kilgore fire and police departments for their help and for their quick response to the scene. He adds that Charlie's Sno-balls will be out at the Great Texas balloon race field every day of the competition.
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