Possible Bomb Mastermind Arrested

FBI and Jamaican investigators are now part of the London bombing investigation, which is now focusing on a possible Al-Qaeda connection. New reports are say the attacks were connected to an Al- Qaeda plot planned two years ago in pakistan.

Meanwhile, one of the suspects in the London bombings may have connections to the U.S. Scotland yard confirmed agents in Egypt had apprehended the suspected mastermind of last week's london terror attacks. Magdy El-Nashar, an Egyptian-born chemist attended North Carolina State University in the Spring of 2000.

In the northern city of  Leeds, where investigators believe the bombers lived, authorities searched another address in an effort to unravel the network behind the attacks

.The Times Of London said authorities were seeking a Pakistani Briton with possible ties to Al Qaeda followers in the United States. The report said he may have organized the July 7 attacks and chosen the targets but left Britain the day before.

On Thursday, London police released security camera footage showing one of the four bombers — 18-year-old Hasib Hussain — wearing a backpack as he passed through Luton train station north of London on his way to the capital.

The death toll rose by two to 54, including the bombers, after an injured man died and another body was recovered from the wreckage of one of three subway trains targeted About 700 people were wounded.