Mah-Jongg For Memory

Lunch, free jewelry and competitive games. It drew hundreds of ladies to Hollytree Country Club. The Alzheimer's Alliance held their annual Mah-Jongg for Memory fundraiser today.

The tiles were flying and thousands of dollars was raised by the Alliance's auxiliary group, ASAP. The games are fun, but the people who play them, really believe in the cause.

"Oh it makes me feel wonderful," says Katie Craddock, one of the event sponsors. "And just the joy on the ladies' faces as they get bracelets and play mah-jongg and they know that they're giving to a cause that's very, very needed and yes it brings joy to my life too."

Much of the money raised comes from the silent auction of items donated by local businesses. It's used to fund equipment for Project Lifesaver, an electronic tracking system that helps the sheriff's department locate missing Alzheimer's patients.

Today's event also funds respite care for local patients, when family members just need a break.

Joe Terrell, reporting.