Pritchett Arson Suspect Arrested

An East Texas man is jailed on arson charges in a strange case where police say he set fire to a home, that belongs to him. Upshur County Fire Marshals and constables arrested 67 year old Dan Spivey at a home in Liberty City today. They charged him with felony arson. Spivey was recently released from prison.

Police say he went back to the Pritchett area to reclaim a mobile home he had given to the landowner. And when the landowner asked Spivey to pay moving expenses for the home, Spivey threatened to burn the place down. And from the condition of the home, investigators believe he'll have a hard time proving he didn't do it. He allegedly made direct threats in front of witnesses that he would carry through on his threat.

"At this point he became very irate again . He would not agree to that. The suspect then made the comment 'to heck with it, burn it, or I'll burn it before I'll let you have it,' " said Upshur County constable Mike Cuza.

Spivey was taken into custody by members of the newly formed Upshur County Arson Task Force. He's being held on 25-thousand dollars bond.

Bob Hallmark reporting.