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Bees coming out of woman's outlets, wants alternative to exterminator


An East Texas woman has bees invading her home, and this is happening at several other East Texas homes, too.

Annette Wiley has had a bee problem in the wall next to her chimney for the past year.  She says thousands of bees would fly into her home from her outlets.
Annette has had professionals try to gas them out, smoke them out, and use all sorts of chemicals, but nothing has worked.  

Dick Counts, the Executive Director of the East Texas Beekeepers Association, says there are alternative options to killing the bees to get rid of the problem.

Honey harvesters like Counts can remove the hive and relocate it to a bee farm where they will keep the bees alive and excavate the honey.

There are multiple variables that weigh into the cost, but Counts says most average between $300-$600.

If you have a bee hive and would like an estimate to have it relocated, you can contact the East Texas Beekeepers Association at

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