Businesses Flooded In Mineola

Several areas in East Texas received quite a bit of rain Wednesday afternoon.

In Wood County, especially one area of Mineola, it kept raining long and hard enough to flood one neighborhood. It was the area near where Highway 37 splits from 69. We heard there were around twelve business in all that had to deal with the various degrees of rising water. As soon as it stopped raining, the flood waters subsided. But business owners were left to clean up the mess.

Oleta Norris the Owner of Naturally Nails described the chaos of the flood this way: "...It was just coming and coming and the girls were screaming and there was water coming underneath the doors and everywhere.... [water from] Brookshires was coming over here, all the water was coming over here, all the water was coming everywhere, there was nothing we could do.."

Richard Elston of Pizza Hut describes it this way "It was crotch deep in water across the parking lot, and this has happened to us probably four or five times, so we're kind of experienced in this regard."

The business owners we talked to said they are doing their best to clean up so they can open on Thursday.