Two Girls Rescued In Mineola

Two 12 year old girls were playing in a storm drain when the rain started in Mineola this afternoon. According to the fire chief a large wave of water swept up the girls. He says the storm run-off resulted in a temporary river running at least 40 miles per hour; at about 5 or 6 feet deep.
Luckily, someone noticed the girls, and called the fire department. Chief David Stevenson of the Mineola Fire Department picks up the story from there: " [They had] been swept about a quarter of a mile they were hanging on to a concrete pillar where ditch ran underneath a road. we were able to get one of them there, fairly quick. Other one could not hold on and got swept away about about another quarter of a mile down stream and were able to sucessfully rescue her from the water.
The girls were taken to a local hospital, just to make sure they were okay.