Storm Damage In South Longview

Summer storms roared through Longview on Tuesday, downing trees and power lines and damaging homes. Straight line winds roared through a home in south Longview in an area between Estes parkway and 13th street near Letourneau industries. The 10 minute storm did tremendous damage, as huge oaks were snapped and pines were ripped out by the roots.

"I didn't know what was going on and the next thing i know the roof started coming down on my head, beams were hitting me in the back" said storm victim Mary Ballard.

"It happened so fast that we really didn't think anything of it no warning , no nothing" said Ballard's boyfriend Bobby Davis.

Ballard was just having some quiet time at home when a huge tree was snapped by the wind, toppled over and crashed in the roof of her home. The ceiling came crashing down.

"The first initial thing is shock and when you get over the shock then you think about surviving , I gotta get out of here" she says.

At the nearby Letourneau industries plant, buildings had the roofs caved in and power knocked out. The extent of the damage had many using the term "tornado", but that's not what happened according to KLTV meteorologist Stephen Parr.

"Thunderstorms get very tall very big in the middle of this storm it started collapsing on itself once that happens winds come rushing down the core of the storm , rush down spread out looks like they went this direction to that's why all the trees are falling the same way" says Parr.

Fortunately, there have been no reports of serious injuries in Tuesday's storm.

Bob Hallmark reporting.