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Big 12 Media Days wraps up with Texas and Baylor raving over East Texas

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Yesterday could have been described as a red carpet event for East Texas, but today none of the nearly 30 athletes from our region that compete in the big 12 were here. Turns out, that was okay. Texas Head Football Coach Tom Herman and Head Coach Matt Rhule couldn't stop raving about the talent East Texas brings to both the Longhorns and Bears; but also the character and work ethic that Beast Texans are best known for.

"I think there is a bit of a toughness about them. I like to call it country tough," said Tom Herman, Longhorns first year head coach.  

"There is just a loyalty that comes with the kids from East Texas and that's what I want. I want to coach kids that I love, and love to be around. They are just great kids to be around and love to play the game the way that we want it played," said Matt Rhule, Bears first year head coach. 

"Yeah I should have mentioned that, I'm glad you did. Matt's a lot smarter then me so he threw that one out there. A lot of them that I've coached have grown up on big families, they go to family reunions, they are very intrenched in their extended family. So when you bring them to your program, yeah loyalty is something that is second nature to them," said Herman. 

"You know I love Coach Herman. He and I talk all the time and I'm sure we will battle over kids. But the great thing about Texas and East Texas is there are so many good players. My hope is that we can keep them all home. If they don't go to Texas or Baylor, hopefully they go to Rice, or SMU, or Houston, or TCU. Wherever kids think is the right place for them is. But there are so many good players and so many kids with talent that love the game and play at the right way for everyone to be happy," said Rhule. 

With another Big 12 Media Days in the books, all that's left to do is wait for September 2, when our East Texans take the field and kick off the 2017 college football season.

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