Explosives, Illegal Weapons Uncovered At Rusk County Home

Illegal weapons, and a horde of explosive devices, have been found stockpiled at a Rusk County man's home. At this time, authorities are not releasing the identity of the 40-year-old homeowner, but they were able to tell us what was found at his home.

Authorities discovered: A 223-caliber, single-shot riffle; One AR-15 automatic with flashlight and laser sight on the barrel; 30 boxes of ammunition, including armor piercing bullets; 21 feet of green cannon fuse material a large canister of black gunpowder; Several blasting caps and 18 feet of 100-grain detonator cord.

Authorities were not able to say what the man's intentions were. He is in police custody, held on an unrelated charge. The weapons and explosives were turned over to Tyler ATF.

Maya Golden reporting, mgolden@kltv.com