More Gas Mileage For Your Buck

You can't help but notice and cringe. Gas prices have shot up by almost 15 cents in East Texas in a week.
The national average hit $2.32 Wednesday, compared to the state average of $2.23. Flashback to last summer, Texans were paying $1.79 at the pump.
Despite the surge in price, there are ways to get more gas mileage for your buck.
Randall Wall has been working on cars for 30 years and like the rest of us, he's prisoner to rising gas prices.
"We have to deal with it and conserve everything we can," Randall said.
So Randall has some tips on getting more gas mileage to the gallon.
One suggestion: Observe the speed limit.
Auto mechanics said for every five miles you go over 60, it's like paying 15 cents per gallon.
"You're pulling more weight, pushing more air," Randall said.
Slow it down, and you can conserve 15 to 51 cents a gallon.
Keep your engine properly tuned. Regular oil changes can help you save from 9 to 88 cents worth of gas to the gallon.
"That oil causes friction inside that motor, which causes more gas to be used to run the motor," Randall said.
Also, a big help comes from checking and replacing air filters regularly. "What's going to come through there are small particles of dust and clog this filter up. It's pulling more gas in because it's starving for air, so that wastes gas."
Keeping clean air filters can save up 22 cents per gallon.
Randall said your tires also play a major role in how much gas your car uses. Keeping them at the right pressure, reduces drag.
"Recommended 35 pounds and this tire has 30, so that's five pounds less tire pressure," Randall said examining. "So it's going to cause a drag, and it's going to use more gas."
Your gas saving are around 7 cents to the gallon. These steps may cost a little change at first, but Randall said you'll notice the difference at the pump.
"You'll probably spend a little money but you'll save a little money in the long run."
For more tips on how to improve your vehicle's gas mileage, just go to the homepage and find the "Pump Patrol" link under the "Get More" title. Once you're there, just click on "Getting More Per Gallon."

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