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Big 12 Media Days kicks off with East Texas style

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Big 12 Media Days is meant to preview the season, talk some football, and figure out who might be this year's breakout super star. But when you have fun-loving East Texans in the mix the conversation can take a turn for the fashionable side. 

"It's a clip-on, it's a clip-on bow-tie." whispers Dylan Cantrell, Texas Tech receiver, about his teammate Keke Coutee. 

Representing Texas Tech both Dylan Cantrell of Whitehouse and Lufkin native Keke Coutee put on their best threads for Day 1 of Big 12 Media Days. 

"Blue is one of my favorite colors. I like the pink tie. We take pride in coming to Big 12 looking good. Coach Kingsbury he is always looking nice. Yall seen him, he makes me look like a homeless person. But yeah, we like to have fun with it and show a little bit of our personality; have with it," said Cantrell.  

"I don't know how to clip it, it's too much work," said Keke Coutee, Texas Tech receiver, talking about his bow-tie he finally admitted was a clip-on. 

"It was definitely a process, " joked Cantrell. 
Coutee and Cantrell weren't the only "Beast Texans" in attendance. Former Longview Lobo Travin Howard went for the business casual look in his TCU polo. 

"I just seen Keke Coutee. I gave him a handshake as he came by.  It's always fun to play those guys, you know we are from the same East Texas. We played those guys every year it seems like, since middle school. It's fun to just be here and sharing the same platform," said Travin Howard, TCU linebacker. 

Cantrell, Coutee, and Howard might be the lucky three at The Star in Frisco today, but there are nearly 30 East Texans scattered around the Big 12. Meaning that when the suits and dress pants turn into pads, that's when the real fun begins. 

"Once we play them in Lubbock this season, we are friends, but we are going to try and get the win," said Coutee. 

"We have a fun relationship when it's out on the field, and when it's in practice we all try to push each other and try to keep each other accountable. Just make each other the best player we can be," said Cantrell. 

"Now that I think about it, I didn't know we had that many but that's pretty cool stuff. It shows a lot about East Texas and how we're growing. There is a lot of talent and you'll see more," said Howard. 

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