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Car burglars hit Daingerfield, Hughes Springs

(Source: Surveillance video) (Source: Surveillance video)

Another round of auto burglars have hit East Texas, this time in two communities.

Within a week, the cities of Daingerfield and Hughes Springs had numerous vehicles broken into, and investigators believe it could be the same group hitting other East Texas towns, and in this case, as in others recently, firearms are targeted.

Security video from a Hughes Springs homeowner shows at least four individuals roaming a neighborhood northwest of town, looking for unlocked cars, and finding them.

"These folks only entered unlocked vehicles looking for things of value. No damage was done to get into anything," said Jay Cates of the Hughes Springs Police Department.

Security video from Daingerfield four days earlier shows a familiar character: a man wearing a t-shirt on his head, just as in the Hughes Springs video.
"It's the same. Everything was the same. I'm positive it was the same group of boys," Cates says.

A disturbing part of the Hughes Springs burglaries was the suspects stopped when they found something they were looking for: a gun.
"There was some high dollar equipment that was not taken. It does look like they're looking for a weapon. They got what they wanted, once the gun was found there was no need in hanging around, they took off," says Cates.

Aside from the burglaries, the fact that guns were taken gives law enforcement and citizens in these towns a very uneasy feeling now.

"People have to be more careful, they have to be more alert. People cannot leave their cars unlocked with guns in them," says Hughes Springs business owner Darlene Stewart.
"We've got guns out there, and we don't know where they're at," Cates says.

Looking to be in their teens to early 20's, none have been identified yet, but police say it's urgent that they're found.

"Makes it very serious. What could happen with a gun when they take it. It could be used in a crime," says Cates.

Police from Hughes Springs and Daingerfield are working together on the case to find suspects.
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