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Backcourt Basketball: Former ETX coach Larry Hargett leads basketball camp in Tyler

Today in Tyler, Backcourt Basketball and over nearly 40 East Texas "hoopsters" took to the court, for a chance to learn from Larry Hargett, Bill Winfry, Minta Spears, and Aston Francis. 

Hargett is a former assistant for the Baylor men's program and an East Texas high school girls coach.

"Love of the game started when I was little bitty. I think I was born with a God-given talent. I just had that feeling I was going to do something in athletics, but god didn't give me in a professional body. So coaching came on the horizon," said Hargett 

Winfry is former UNC-Greensboro point guard, turned technique specialist.

"Sports and so many other things are way to build confidence. If you see yourself improve whatever it is, I think that says something," said Winfry.  

Spears is a Bullard native who has played for both Texas Tech and Vanderbilt.

"Whenever I was little, I used to look up to high school athletes. When I was older, I used to look up to college athletes. So to realize that you have a platform and a stage as an athlete in East Texas is huge," said Spears.  

lastly, Francis, is an All-Saint's product who currently competes for Wheaton. 

"I was really excited when Coach Hargett called me, asked if I wanted to help out and I jumped at the opportunity," said Francis. 

With a plethora of knowledge and experience, this four-some will continue improving East Texas basketball for the rest of this week and hopefully many years to come. 

"This is our 5th year to do it. Shout out to Dairy Queen owners Terry Giles and Jordan Giles for supporting us having a vision to see if we can't take this to another level. We are trying to get young kids to come out here and see that it's more to it then just working out. We have a workbook the kids work through, so we aren't just teaching them the physical side but the mental side as well," said Hargett. 

"We want them to see and improvement between day one and day three. Now, they may not be scoring 15 points a game but they got this skill down," said Winfry.

"There's just a work ethic that's different here and kids refuse to lose. They're not going to quit until they've got it," said Francis. 

"If you want to play an individual sport go play tennis or golf. Nothing wrong with those sports, I love them. But basketball is special because you have to learn how to work with people," said Spears. 

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